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Climb A Balloon

01. Search for the absolutely biggest balloon you can possibly find 02. Each player attempts to climb up the balloon 03. The goal is to reach the top of the balloon before the other players

Twist Around

01. Game players stand, facing each other, hand-in-hand 02. As music starts, they begin to move to reposition themselves, back-to-back 03. They must always hold the other players hands

Simon Says

01. Simon (the designated leader) tells other members of the group what they must do 02. Players need to be careful to only obey commands that begin with the phrase “Simon says…” 03. If she obeys a command that does not begin with “Simon says,” the player is eliminated

Tie In A Knot

01. X and Y co-ordinates are mapped on the ground 02. A referee calls out moves, directing players to place feet or hands on specific locations 03. As players arrange themselves into more and more difficult positions, eventually someone will fall and be eliminated 04. Last person to not fall wins

Palm Push

01. Players stand, face-to-face 02. Each player pairs her palms with the opposing player’s palm 03. Each of the two players attempts to push the opposing player off balance, forcing her to move her feet

Back to Back

01. Players sit, back-to-back, with elbows linked 02. Relying only on her own strength and the support of her partner, each player attempts to stand up

In & Out

01. Set out a square on the ground 02. The designated game leader shouts out the commands “go in” and “go out” 03. The game leader aims to repeat the instructions in a rapid and confusing manner 04. The player who does not follow the instruction is eliminated

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