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Every generation is known for something.
At Stella Luna, we want to be part of the generation known for helping to end AIDS.

Stella Luna is proud to present a special collaboration with (RED), the non-profit organization that raises funds and awareness to help end AIDS. Every (STELLA LUNA)RED purchase contributes directly to (RED)’s fight to end AIDS through the Global Fund. (RED) funded grands support a wide range of life-saving programs in sub-Saharan Africa.

The special-edition (STELLA LUNA)RED Lucien Lace-Up relies on an abundance of advanced techniques and combinations, to create one singularly sporty, stylish and comfortable whole.

When you buy a (STELLA LUNA)RED shoe, your purchase triggers a donation to the Global Fund. 100% of the funds raised will go directly to work on the ground in sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on countries with a high prevalence of HIV.

For those who’d like a little extra sparkle for fall—(and, really, who wouldn’t?)— we’ve introducing a special-edition (STELLA LUNA)RED Crystal Chain Sandal for this holiday season. To ensure that our signature XXL Chains are as eye-catching as possible, we’ve covered them in sparkling strass and set them atop a rich red velvet.

Every day, over 400 babies are born with HIV—and, at Stella Luna, we’ve signed on to (RED)’s commitment to get that number down to zero. Today, life-saving medication, costing just 20 cents a day, exists to stop mother-to-child transmission and ensure that children are born HIV-free. Our two special-edition designs will help raise funds in support of (RED)’s fight against AIDS.

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